Questions surrounding marriage are tough ones

If you are feeling a little ill from all these questions circulating around your head, gives us a call and we will help you prepare everything according to your every need and expectation. However, these questions still have to be answered and who else should answer them than you if you want a perfect wedding Czech Republic?
various depictions and symbols of a wedding day

  1. If I choose a wedding day date, is it available? If it is not available, are there any dates that are relatively close to the first option? Is there any list of dates available?
  2. What are the rates for various days of the week and times? Is it any different during the wintertime or springtime?
  3. For how long can we rent the place? Can we arrive early or can we stay late?
  4. How much is the deposit? Or can you structure us a payment schedule?
  5. DO you have any list of approved vendors that we might contact? Can we pick our own vendors instead?
  6. Is the site handicap accessible? Are there any noise restrictions during the night-time? Do we have to get an official note or approval for exceeding the restriction?
  7. How many bathrooms are there? Are there parking spots? Will the guests be charged for parking?
  8. What is the capacity of the place? How many people can fit in?
  9. Is there any backup in the case of rain or bad weather?
  10. Do you have your own sound equipment and speakers or will we have to rent or buy those?

a married couple of sugar sitting on their wedding cake

  1. Do you have any staff that would help us prepare everything?
  2. Is there any good in-house caterer or do we have to find our own? DO you have a list of contacts for us to try?
  3. Is there any food and beverage minimum that we have to meet? What if we don’t?
  4. Can we buy liquor ourselves o rit must be brought by you?
  5. Who will be a contact person for us during the phase of planning? Who will be our point person during the wedding day?
  6. Can we meet all those people?

And many more questions that will have to be answered. But don’t worry – we are here, fully prepared, to answer your every question, offer every possible solution and combine your genius loci and our expertise to plan the perfect wedding for you and your guests.